'Tamlin' Ch Seabear du Pech de la Ginestelle

Tamlin's Gallery

Tamlin began his life at the kennels of Natalie Draa and Walther Jahn in the very south of  France.

The foundation and experiences that they laid in those early months have led to the loving, affectionate and well balanced dog that we have today and we cannot Thank them enough!

Any puppy departing their 'first home' for their forever home is hard on their breeder, for many of us are close to these pups and unable to avoid becoming emotionally attached, however for Natalie and I keeping one for the extra time it takes, then sending it to a new land where we may never see it again is particularly heartwrenching and I thank her wholeheartedly for entrusting her boy to us and for the genetics he will bring to the breed in Australia.

He has already endeared himself to my husband and I with his hugs and constant companionship, bonded to our two young girls with his love of play and become good friends with Macbeth over a tennis ball and a dam!

To now imagine life without theis stunning young man is impossible and we look forward to seeing where his future takes us.

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Tamlin's French Gallery

French Achievements

prior to coming to Australia Tamlin spent 10 months gaining many experiences and achievements to set a solid groundwork for his life here with us at Longbourn.

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